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    Model: HCO003
     Lo'real Hair Treatment services for luscious, radiant hair. Applicable to any hair length...
    RM89.00 RM128.00
    Model: IRB002
    Pamper your facial skin with our Luxury Reversive Treatment for a more even looking appearance with a youthful glow. Your face deserves a relaxing treatment after a tiring week!Duration: 2 hours 30 mins..
    RM440.00 RM880.00
    Model: HCO005
    Soft Rebonding services. Applicable for any hair length...
    RM175.00 RM250.00
    Model: UWL001
    U-Gen Organic Soy GingerNatural caffeine free beverage A comforting beverage made with selected Premium Organic Ginger and Premium Skin-peeled Organic Soya- No Artificial Flavoring- No preservative- 100% Natural Ingredients- Non-GMOPacking size: 20g x 15 satchets Product of M..
    RM100.00 RM125.00
    Model: UWL003
     UJoyntUjoynt, the organic soymilk based beverage with Eggyolk, Peptides (Bonepep) and Bioactive Collagen Peptides.Significant reduction of pain Reduces need of analgesics Evidence of collagen and proteoglycan synthesis Exerting the effect of total cartilage mass Improvin..
    RM198.00 RM250.00
    Model: UWL002
    UWhyteUwhyte is a health beverage for more shine, radiance and brightness skin. Uwhyte is scientifically produced by 100% herbal-based ingredients.Uwhyte contains 8 active ingredients: Acerola cherries, Termelia extract, Rhodiola extract, Licorice root extract, Pine bark extract, Olive leaf ..
    RM198.00 RM250.00
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