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    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR041
    Hurix's Salap Pala PenangTraditionally used to relieve cold and block nose, headache and dizziness, muscular ache, shoulder pain, waist and back ache, flatulence, minor sprains, mosquitoes and insect bites.Size: 20 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR032
    Hurix's Serbuk Ubat Herba untuk KulitTraditionally used for skin itchiness, itchiness in the spaces between fingers and toes, minorcuts and scalds, swollen skin and helps to promote healthy skin.Size: 8 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR015
    Hurix's Sirap Batuk Yan Wo Pi Pa Mi PlusTraditionally used for relief of cough and cold, reducing phlegm, relief of sore throat and body heatiness.Size: 60 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR024
    Hurix’s Sirap Gamat & Madu Plus untuk Kanak-kanak is traditionally used for relief of cough, reducing phlegm, relief of fever, cold and body heatiness.Size: 60ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR014
    Hurix's Sirap Ubat Batuk Gamat & Madu PlusTraditionally used for reducing phlegm, relief of cough, sore throat, hoarseness, body heatiness and cold.Sea Cucumber (Gamat) Gamat is one of the potential marine animals with high food and medicinal value. Modern medical research has shown..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR023
    Hurix's Sirap Ubat Batuk untuk Kanak-KanakTraditionally used to relieve cough, reducing phlegm, cold, flu (It may also helps children to relieve fever and heatiness)Size: 60 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR029
    Hurix's Sto-Mach8Traditionally used to relieve stomachache, aid in digestion, flatulence, mild vomiting and mild diarrhea.Size: 12 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR027
    Hurix's Toothache DropTraditionally used for relief of toothache.Size: 2 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR025
    Hurix's Travel CareHurix’s Travel-Care Capsule is produced from various types of natural herbs and it helps in the prevention of carsick, seasick or airsick. Traditionally used for dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting while travelling.Size: 6 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR045
    Hurix's White Nutmeg OilTraditionally used to relieve muscular ache, sprains, flatulence and headache.Size: 28 ml..
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