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    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR035
    Hurix's Krim untuk Sakit KulitTraditionally used to relieve itchiness, discomfort due to skin itchiness, itchiness on the gap of fingers and toes, rash, insect bites, minor cuts, burn, bruises and it helps in skin recovery. Size: 13 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR044
    Hurix's Krim Urut TienQi PlusTraditionally used for expel wind, relieving muscular ache, relief of joints, knees, and muscular pain,minor bruises and relieving pain after exercise. (Suitable used for massage.) Size: 20 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR009
    Hurix's Lozeng Pi Pa PlusTraditionally used for reducing sore throat and phlegm, bad breath, relief of cough and body heatiness.Size: 6 lozenges..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR043
    Hurix's Massage Oil (with Gamat Plus)Traditionally used to relieve joints and muscular pain, waist ache, backache and shoulder pain and bruise.Size: 28 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR018
    Hurix's Menstrual Pain CapsuleTraditionally used for relief of menstrual pain, headache and to regulate menstruation.Size: 9 capsules ..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR040
    Hurix's Mos'Q King Spray / Balm With Aloe VeraWork as mosquito repellent, general insect repellent, antibacterial and moisturizing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.Available sizes:Balm (20 gm) Spray (50 ml)..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR038
    Hurix's Mos-Q CreamTraditionally used to relieve insect bites, minor skin itch, eg. Rashes.Available sizes:Mos-Q Cream (13 gm) Gamat Mos-Q Cream (7 gm)..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR016
    Hurix's Nan Zi Han Bao Dan (Extract)Traditionally used for strengthening the body, relief of fatigue and general debility and for men's health.Size: 10's x 2 blisters..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR042
    Hurix's Pain Relief Massage BalmTraditionally used to relieve muscular pain, waist and back pain, joints pain and minor swelling.Size: 20 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR011
    Hurix's Phlegm & Cough Herbs CapsuleTraditionally used for reducing phlegm and relief of cough.Size: 12 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR008
    Hurix's Povilin CapsuleTraditionally used for relief of sore throat and hoarseness due to heatiness. Size: 6 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR036
    Hurix's Salap Kegatalan KulitTraditionally used for relieving skin itchiness, itchiness between fingers and toes.Size: 12 gm..
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