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    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR022
    Hurix's Fever & Cold Syrup for ChildrenTraditionally used for symptomatic relief of fever, cold and body heatiness.Size: 60 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR004
    Hurix's Gamat Plus OintmentTraditionally used to relieve cold, nasal congestion, sinusitis and headache.Size: 20 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR030
    Hurix's Gastro Aid SyrupTraditionally used to relieve flatulence, abdominal pain, stomachache and indigestion.Size: 100 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR031
    Hurix's Ginseng Plus Capsule (Ekstrak)Traditionally used for relieving muscle aches, waist, shoulder and back pain, joints pain, for strengthening bone and for general health.Size: 20 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR048
    Hurix's Glukusking HURIX'S Glukusking is a natural food supplement that is a good substitute for sugar in preparing beverages and baking cakes. It is suitable to be consumed by people of all ages. Glucose can be directly absorbed by the body to provide instant energy as..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR046
    Hurix's HaemocareTraditionally used for relieving piles, pain & itchiness related to piles and constipation.Available types:Haemocare Capsule (20 capsules) Aloe Vera Haemocare Cream Plus (13 gm)..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR010
    Hurix's Honey DropsCooling, Refreshing, Soothing, Freshens your breathSize: 6 dropsAvailable in 4 flavours:Licorice Drops with Honey  Honey Lemon with Glucose  Honey Tangerine Drops  Honey Ginger Drops ..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR020
    Hurix's Honwa Ting Tong TabletTraditionally used to improve menstrual flow, for relief of menstrual pain, relief of abdominal pain, flatulence, waist ache and body weakness during period.Size: 10's x 2 blisters..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR037
    Hurix's Itchy CreamTraditionally used for relieving skin itchiness.Size: 12 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR006
    Hurix's Kapsul ResdungTraditionally used to relieve sinusitis, nose itchiness and block nose.Size: 20 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR028
    Hurix's Kapsul Sakit Gigi & KepalaTraditionally used to relieve toothache, swollen due to toothache and headache due to body heatiness.Size: 6 capsules..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR034
    Hurix's Krim Luka Aloe Vera PlusTraditionally used for relief of minor cuts, minor burn and help maintaining healthy skin.Size: 13 gm..
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