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    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR005
    Hurix's 1000 Cold Fever CapsuleTraditionally used to relieve fever, cold, headache, body heatiness and throat irritation.Size: 12 capsules per blister, one box contains 12 blisters...
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR001
    Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule ImprovedTraditionally used for relief of FLU and COMMON COLD, Running Nose and Nasal Congestion.Size: 9 capsules per blister, one box contains 12 blisters Health InformationCold, or common cold is a type of upper respiratory tract infecti..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR007
    Hurix's 600 Flucough Syrup ImprovedTraditionally used to relieve cold, soothe cough and reduce phlegm, relieve fever, reduce body heatiness and relieve sore throat.Available sizes:60 ml 100 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR003
    Hurix's 900 Flu Cold Capsule ImprovedTraditionally used to relieve cold, fever, body heatiness and sore throat.Size: 9's per blister, one box contains 12 blisters...
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR049
    Hurix's besVinger - Black Bean Honey VinegarHurix’s Besvinger - Black Bean Honey Vinegar is a drink formulated with malt vinegar, black bean and honey. Its unique aroma combined with sensation of taste is an ideal drink for everyone.Ingredients List: Honey, Black Bean, Malt Vinegar..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR050
    Hurix's ChocohurixsHURIX'S Chocohurix's is a rich, smooth and yummy chocolate drink that is specially formulated for the whole family. It contains seaweed calcium and DHA derived from algae which give you benefits and tastiness beyond chocolate malt drinks.Ingredients: Non-dairy ..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR019
    Hurix's Coline Tong Kapsul Utk WanitaTraditionally used to improve menstrual flow, irregular menstrual cycle, blood circulation, to relieve menstrual pain and abdominal pain.Size: 10's x 2 blisters..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR002
    Hurix's Cool InhalerTraditionally used for freshen-up, relieve of cold, nasal congestion and snivel.Size: 2 ml per tube..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR012
    Hurix's Cordy Cough PillTraditionally used for reducing phlegm, cough, sore throat, hoarseness, cold, headache, fever and mouth ulcer.Size: 10 gm..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR039
    Hurix's Corn Rid SolutionFor the removal of corns, warts and callouses.Size: 15 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR013
    Hurix's Cough Peppermint PlusTraditionally used for relief of cough, reducing phlegm, sore throat, cold, fever, body heatiness and to eliminate bad breath. (it may helps to eliminate bad breath after smoking or drinking.Available sizes:60 ml 100 ml..
    Brand: Hurix's Model: HUR026
    Hurix's Cream For Mouth Ulcer PlusTraditionally used to relief mouth ulcer and pain due to body heatiness.Available sizes:With Aloe Vera (5 gm) With Clove Oil (13 gm)..
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