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    Model: BSR008
    Sweet, sour with a little bit of spice. A hot dish featuring our delicious Moroccan style half roasted chicken. Prepared with balsamic, honey, green chilli sauce, sea salt and reduction sauce...
    Model: BSR011
    Vodka infused with Jing hibiscus blackcurrant tea & fresh lemongrass, cointreau, raspberry, vanilla syrup, rose fragrance, lemon juice, Perrier...
    Model: BSR004
    Refreshing light bites made with compressed watermelon garnished with mint, sea salt and olive oil...
    Model: BSR006
    Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Our warm Churros with cinnamon, sugar & chocolate sauce serving is bound to make your heart and tummy jump with joy...
    Model: BSR007
    Get classic and sexy with our simple yet scrumptious Classic Bikini.Prepared with truffle honey, butter, serrano ham, bread...
    Model: BSR001
    Signature light bites of Beso Rosado that you wouldn't want to miss.Features 0.8 mm thin pasta carefully coiled in the company of caviar, chive, cumbu and truffle oil...
    Model: BSR013
    Bourbon, homemade cinnamon syrup, sweet Italian vermouth aromatic bitters, single malt, smoked with wood chips...
    Model: BSR003
    Passionately cooked with RS bumba rice, squid, prawns, clams, smoked paprika, olive oil and garnished with lemon and Italian parsley...
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