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  • About Us

    We are Soldgo Malaysia. An up-and-coming e-commerce platform for sellers of all kinds divided into three main categories: Products, Food and Services.
    Soldgo Malaysia started as an idea among a group of friends who constantly seek to innovate and improve the quality of life. Recognising the need for a place where sellers find it easier to manage their e-commerce businesses all within one site and increase their business exposure, and where buyers find it equally convenient to order the things they want, this platform is then born.
    Soldgo Malaysia aims to be a one-stop central place for both sellers and buyers alike when it comes to selling and shopping online. As life gets busier and more complicated, we hope to bring simplicity and minimalism into each and everyone’s life through this platform while maintaining a safe and trusted online shopping space.
    Come explore Soldgo Malaysia. Let us help you simplify matters in life.

    Soldgo Malaysia.